Below you will find references to my work with children, high potentials, managers, creatives, coaches, therapists, trainers, activity supervisors (on care farms) and human-horse/dog combinations.

Coaching with horses


"You are a great coach by nature. You really do what you do best and what you enjoy."



"What a day... what a wonderful experience for me, but certainly also for Lisa. I am really grateful that I was able to open myself up. I actually didn't want to face the confrontation, afraid of the consequences. But so far it has given me more space in my head and I am very happy with the eye-openers you have given me. What an enormous gift you have received through all the difficulties you have endured."




"While I (obviously) still have to get started with the homework and all the things we discussed last Friday, I wanted to thank you for the session in advance. It felt really good, especially very useful. To be honest, I always feared that during a coaching session you would be pushed to do something, your being pushed in a certain direction, which does not always have to be negative, but I know myself well enough to know that wouldn't work for me. I fear that my beautiful horse also mirrors me in that aspect :) And last Friday it wasn't like that at all, no pushing, but a good, positive stimulus to get started.

"The past few days have been though, with a lot of work, but I feel like a different person. Although there is still a very long way to go, it feels like something very fundamental has changed. As if the flame of 'I may be here now' has definitely started to burn in me. It's still small now, but it's there and it's growing.

With many thanks, Bernadette



"It was a very special expiernce last Saturday; mirroring horses in Strijp. When you had already left and we, Corrie, Piet and I, were still discussing it, I was suddenly very emotional. Something I usually try to avoid. Also during the mass in the evening I was (against my principles) very emotional. I have learned quite a lot from all the therapies so far, only processing the accompanying emotions is a different story.

Literally and by figure of speach there was always a blockade/protection in the way. The fact that a horse is able to open up your emtions was new and confrontational to me. But things usually happen for a reason and I think, no I feel (for the first time) that it would be good to do something with that. The moment I type 'horse'. I'm already filling up with tears again... shall we make an appointment for a personal consultation? I gained enough confidence in you last Saturday to take this on. When do you have time?"

Ofcourse you can place my feedback on your website, but please also add that your input, knowlegde of people and the way in which you phrased things were of crucial importance during this session. When I read my words, it doens't show that enough."


Coaching for coaches and therapists


"I really enjoyed it yesterday and learned a lot, which I could apply in practice today. Thank you!"

Thank you for thinking with me. As usual, just writing it down was enough for a number of 'eye-openers' and your tips help me with that too."

I am currently quite intensively involved in intuitive drawing and painting and that is very beneficial for me. Yes, that painting and drawing was a really good tip from you! I am really happy with it and I also really enjoy doing it."




"Well it landed ;) I felt everything as it was. The hours after that... dead tired! Very satisfied and a learning point that I encounter everywhere: learning to trust my qualities. Right now I experience in different situations that I trust myself and that it will be fine again. But when it comes to using my qualities... then I can put a certain pressure on myself and get cold feet, then I start to doubt myself. Like now I'm very close to my goal and deep-rooted passion and just know: this is what I want to do. To develop further as a coach/trainer with the help of horses.




"Yes, arrived home safely and still enjoy this new experience."


Coaching for creatives


"Last year I asked you to coach me to find a new direction in my work. I like so many things, that doesn't make it any easier for me to choose what suits me well and which direction I want to take. You sense what I need flawlessly. Your enormous enthusiasm and empathy during the session helped me enormously. My creativity was awakened and challenged. Exactly what I needed."

It's been a while since I had a workshop with you, but I still remember every moment. Your peace, the confidence you radiate, the confidence I give you without question because it feels very pure with you. Emotions that suddenly bubble up and the space you facillitate for me being with my emotions."

"Coaching is like a second skin for you. It fit's you like a glove. You give me all the space to feel what's going on and you know how to touch the right spots in a very nice and calm way and to loosen things that are allowed to go. You stimulate and make me even more enthusiastic in my creativity and know how to trigger very well. Your humor during the sessions is a relief. The experience with Hint and Whizzy were very special. Very nice how they mirror you. The most beautiful words that day were that 'I was myself when I held my camera' and that's what Whizzy showed me, a great moment. That's my true talent and I should continue to shoot and share my talent. I did and it feels so good. It makes me so happy. It was an inspiring day and very special to share it with two friends. You made me come home to myself. Thank you for that."

Love, Andrea



"It was also very nice to see you and also super sepcial. I had a very nice afternoon! The past few nights I had nice and intens dreams and I was drawing in the morning. Feels good."




"Can I appeal to you again? I often think back to our conversation last year, November 5th. I even remember the exact date."


Coaching for kids and youngsters


"What a day... what a wonderful experience for me but certainly also for Lisa. I am really grateful that I was able to open myself up. I actually didn't want to face the confrontation, afraid of the consequences. But so far it has only given me more space in my head and I am very happy with the eye-openers you have given me. What an enormous gift you have received through all the difficulties you have endured."




"Hi dear Sonja, what a special day that was last week! Both Tenzin and I fell asleep in the car on the way back. (I NEVER FALL ASLEEP IN A CAR!!!!) The few laps with Jannet and Tinus have really confirmed me in what I want with horses (and what not). Tenzin had his first riding lesson again yesterday; he climed on the BIG horse himself without any help and didn't want me to walk with him, but someone else. SO independent. Very nice to see him strong and happy in this I'm calmer and softer and have slept a lot this week (making up a hundred years or something) and Tenzin is very active and faster and happier than I'm used to, and he also sleeps better. I will keep in touch and really hope that Tenzin can join the horse week in May, that would really be GREAT!"

Lots of love, Soraya XX



"Here are the pictures of a nice afternoon in the rain! We are doing well and steps are being taken. Another exiting adventure! You will hear about the sequel."

See you soon, Soraya & Tenzin



"I missed the environment here so I came here to walk for a while. I left flowers and signs in different places :) You might find them when you walk in the dunes where we did."

Love Azin



"Thank you for the photos. Manon thinks they are beautiful. I understand that you have made a great impression on Manon with the way you work with the horses. With these experiences she can also do a lot in daily life. Manon also has specific ideas about how she wants to be with horses and make it her profession. This fitted in seamlessly with her ideas, so fantastic."

Marloes en Manon

Coaching for horse-human combinations


"As agreed, I will email you today about the consultation I had last Friday with Cecillia vander Drift. In combination with the session with you the day before, it has given Faf and me a huge positive impulse!"




"Thank you for your tips. Very special how your attitude can have such an effect on your horse.




"You understand that I am happy with your reference to Mirjam Diepenbrock, her healings (the lameness of my foal disappeared within a week) and her referral to Gerrie Huijts for further treatment of myself with Bach Blossoms and Cell Salts. This has yielded a great deal and I feel much firmer and more balanced."




"Last weekend I noticed that the contact with Niki is very nice. Yesterday I worked with him for he first time since the session. The past few weeks it felt very forced and distant, as if there was some kind of gap inbetween us. He no longer wanted to come and follow, there was such a distance. But yesterday it was very noce again to work with him. At one point I invited him to come to me. He then looked at me in a different way. Befre he always seemed a bit hesitant, even insecure, but now the look in his eyes was so powerful and wise, so deep, so beautiful."




"Djemmy is doing great amd above all I think it's special that she is playful, challenging, and sometimes wild and boisterous again!!!! and her body is oke with that. She is now receiving the Saschas Blend capsules for 3 weeks and has granules from my nephew (Homeopath from Heusden) but maybe you have also done something???? We and Djemmy are very happy with this leap forward!!!!! Thank you if you were also part of it!!!!"


Workshops & Trainingen


"The bells keep ringing! It was a special experience to be with you for a day. I have the feeling that it's still working through. As if you are 'reset'. The (for me) pushy horse is now teasing me and I have to respond to that. Because I do respond, I also sink into my legs. Very scary! But it's nice. When I was at your place I was able to let the horse walk with me, so I know I will succeed now. I feel fear everywhere and I don't know where it is coming from... I would certainly find it nice and interesting to visit you again (with Marjolein). I wish you all the best with all the beautiful things you do."

Lots of love, Barbara



"Thank you very much for the nice day again recently with the workshop 'Your horse in the picture'. I've been on vacation in the meantime ((your 30th birthday should be celebrated) but I still wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it immensely again and have become much wiser again. About myself, my horse and everything around us. What a wonderful experience it was again. And what nice people who also participate in the workshop!"

Once more; many thanks Bernadette and Faf



"First of all THANK YOU for the gift this Tuesday afternoon!! (needs no further explanation :) ) I have experienced the two workshop days, with your guidance, as an added value on my path. Two different days, the variety was nice.

I found your inter action with us (with me) clear, direct and constructive. Your questions exactly at the right time. Sometimes asking questions where necessary and sometimes leaving something for what it is. I experience a lot of knowlegde and expertise with you, but especially that you do your work connected to your heart and are honest.

For me, the workshop goes beyond just those two days. I notice it still works for me and a lot has happened after those two days. The effect is much greater than what is experienced in those two days.

I just asked you if you could indicate certain courses in intuitive development. But I think I've already found that... with you."




"I just wanted to thank you for the pleasant and, above all, instructive days. I was really able to say much about it yesterday... You lifted a corner of the veil for me and I was allowed to see where I want to grow."




"She probably felt for a long time that I had problems in my body and I just thought it was her fault. From now on I will pay more attention to her signals. Often I think of your remark about more grounding, so that the contact with the horses would improve. This is something I am consciously working on. Sanna has changed a lot in the year that I've been working very intensively with her, I hear that from a lot of people.

Greetings Anja



"Thanks for the special day! I'm glad I got to know you and experienced this day with my sisters with you."

Love, Sabine



"I would like to thank you for the super fun day! I had really imagined something in advance, but it was better than expected ;) Too bad the day went so quickly... I wish you lots of succes with all good things coming your way. Who knows, maybe we'll meet again!"

Greetings from, Janneke



"Thanks for the fun and educational day and thank Hint from us, completely forgot! I will carry this day with me for the rest of my life."

Love Clara



"Yes, it was a very special exprience for us, so we wanted to let you know in this way."

Clara, Janneke and Sabine



"For those who want a little more insight into themselves, this workshop is highly recommended. Mainly by mirroring you can get (even) closer to yourself."




"It has all been deeply worked out and is still in progress..."




"After my session with Sonja I was convinced of two imporant points, relaxation and friendship between you and your horse are essential. Both things were long gone. Now I try to regain my pleasure and passion for horse riding with Sonja's tips. The more I thought I wanted to move forward, the more the horse showed that I had to slow down and the horse literally did. The horse slowed down or even stopped, very confronting for me... it triggered a lot for me. I already notice that I benefit daily from what I learned during the workshop."




"I want to thank you again for your help during the weekend I was with you, still feel the healing effect of our conversations."




"It was another great day I understand!"

Benno (husband of Evelyne)



"Wonderful day yesterday! I hope you're still enjoying it."




"With a small tear in my eyes I read the story about the workshop 'Your horse in the picture' in the Vrijruiter. GREAT!"




"Thanks for the wonderful workshop yesterday, the warm welcome, guidance, etc. It offers me a lot of handles and openings to continue, wonderful!"




"The weekend still lingers and my resolve to learn more about horses is firmer than ever. It also still feels unreal, the contrast of doing something new and the familiarity of being with and my love for the horse. In addition, the indescribable desire for freedom that comes to my mind. The urge to go full speed ahead!... and besides that the subtle fear that holds back."




"Thank you very much for the nice weekend. This is a card from the book of poems I was talking about. This text describes my weekend. I hope to meet you again and do something together."




"A lot has happened over the weekend, but it still feels very relaxed. Two days of such intensive work appeals to me and helps your process take a big step forward. I have also experienced the combination of working with horses, meditating, visualizing and painting as a strong combination. Your expertises matched each other nicely. Many thanks for the special weekend.




"It was new, intense and very inspiring!"




"Your welcome was heartwarming. You were so calm and clear without being overpowering although you were 'to the point' with your findings. I learned a great deal from what you brought to others as well as my self. Your way suited me total: simple, clear, calm, humor, not bombastic and no jargon."




"There was a lot of talking in the car on the way home, it was a very captivating day that has released a lot for all of us. Everyone in our group thought you were very professional, which I can only confirm, because yes, of course I already knew that ;)"




"It's fun and instructive to train with the horses in this way and not just practice with people'."




"It was a good training weekend, the training with you was very succesful and suited the group well. I hear all positive reactions."